Running in the Heat

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

A Common in London in Summer

We all look forward to the summer. However, when temperatures rise, the heat and humidity can have a significant effect on our running efforts. While we all like to push ourselves, and expect to be tired out, excessive temperatures can leave us exhausted and dehydrated. With a few minor changes, these difficulties can be significantly reduced. Here are a few suggestions for running in the heat.

5 tips for running in the summer heat

1. Train early or late in the day
Heat is at it's most intense during early afternoon. When possible, avoid lunchtime runs, in favour of running in the morning or evening, before or after work. 

2. Run in the shade
Where possible, make use of the shade provided by trees and tall buildings. This is especially useful if you have no option but to run in the midday sun.

3. Avoid high intensity workouts
Instead of short and fast runs, take a more moderate pace, extending your distance to compensate.

4. Dress appropriately
Wearing as little as possible is a good place to start. Also, select clothes that are white, or have bright colours. And don't forget to wear a running hat, sunglasses and good quality sunblock. 

5. Keep hydrated
Possibly, the most important factor. Make sure to hydrate before heading out on a run. While out, keep hydrated. And re-hydrate when you're finished. In all cases, sports drinks are best, being more efficiently absorbed into the body.