Goodr Sunglasses - Back 9 Blackout

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Are you gonna scratch this round? Nah, who needs that kind of pressure. Kick back with your Coors Light, shameless 5 mulligans, and these black on black glasses as you blackout while making the turn. With our new Flamingo Eye technology, these Back 9 Blackout sunglasses from Goodr are 100% UV Protective, 100% Polarized, and 100% won’t affect your ball visibility. But all those beers might.

Product Details :
  • FLAMINGO EYE TECHNOLOGY - Glare-reducing, polarised lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • NO SLIP - We use special grip coating to construct our frame to help eliminate slippage when sinking that flamingo putt.*
  • *Flamingo is the new universally accepted official term for bogey.
  • NO BOUNCE - Our frame is snug and light-weight, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while putting.
  • MADE FOR - Golf, but also great for running.
  • NO SQUIRRELS - No one wearing these has ever had a squirrel do donuts in a golf cart on the fairway while trying to chip it onto the green.