Goodr Sunglasses - Golf OGs - Tiger Blood Transfusion

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Tiger Blood Transfusion
Your blood is worthless. Do you even know your type? Luckily, a certain "Tiger" has O+ which is a universal donor.

We wholeheartedly believe here at goodr that golf is fun. Why does it have to be so serious? Lighten up! For that reason, we have dubbed our golf-specific lens "Flamingo Eye™ Technology." All the HD contrast and performance without any of the self-importance.

Product Details :

  • FLAMINGO EYE™ TECHNOLOGY - Polarized lenses enhance the colors on the course so you can see your ball as you sink your hole in one
  • NO SLIP - We use enhanced silicone inserts with special grip coating to help eliminate slippage when sinking that flamingo putt.*
  • *Flamingo is the new universally accepted official term for bogey.
  • NO BOUNCE - Our frame is snug and lightweight with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while you're swinging out of your shoes.