Caffeine Bullet Energy Chews

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Caffeine Bullet Energy Chews (mint and orange flavours)
Caffeine Bullet is a flavoured chew with 100mg caffeine per sweet - the same as a strong cup of coffee and is packed with electrolytes.

Whether you're trying to beat a personal best or a tight deadline, Caffeine Bullet increases your endurance and mental alertness. The perfect pre-gym, mid-race or post-heavy night boost! Caffeine is the only legal performance-enhancing drug, releasing fat into the bloodstream and reducing the perception of pain and fatigue.


Caffeine Bullet Nutrition
Caffeine bullets are formulated with a unique blend of caffeine, carbohydrate and electrolytes.

  • A concentrated caffeine dose that kicks fast – 85-100mg dependant on flavour, perfect for maximising exercise performance and increasing mental focus and alertness. Because the caffeine is chewed, it is absorbed up to 3x faster than drinks, gels and pills.
  • Electrolytes – During prolonged exercise, it is vital to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat to stave off dehydration, avoid cramp and maintain performance. In addition to sodium and potassium, Caffeine Bullet (mint flavour only*) contains magnesium, which contributes to electrolyte balance and potassium which contributes to normal muscle function.
  • No nasties, no bull – A lot of caffeine products contain artificial sweeteners and ingredients in doses that don’t improve performance, but can give you a tingly rage and fill you with unhealthy nasties, we don’t. At less than 35kcal each chew fuels you with clean energy that feels natural and lasts longer for better performance.


When to use Caffeine Bullets
Studies have shown that the optimal caffeine does is 3-6mg caffeine per kg of weight – that’s a lot! So before you race make sure you trial Caffeine Bullet to test your tolerance to caffeine.

Always follow the guidelines on the packet and do not use in conjunction with other caffeine products or exceed 400mg caffeine in one day. It’s a powerful drug, so use it sensibly!

  • During a Race: Caffeine peaks in the blood at between 45-60 mins and each dose offers diminishing returns, so the ideal time to take caffeine bullets in races varies.
  • 0-45 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1 during the race if needed.
  • 45-90 minutes: 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before a race. 1-2 during the race as you start to fatigue.
  • 90 minutes: 0 before race. Distribute your 3-4 bullets across your race at points at which you start to fatigue.
  • Marathon: 0 before race. 1-2 bullets at mile 16-18 as you start to tire. 1-2 bullets at 20-22 miles to ensure a strong finish