Valentines Day Gifts for Runners

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

It'll soon be Valentines Day. Here are a few gift options you may want to consider to show your love for the favourite runner in your life.


1. Sunglasses
Great for any time of the year, your partner will always thank you for a pair of cool sunglasses. With many stylish and high quality sunglasses available to buy you're sure to find the ideal pair of shades for your favourite man / woman.

2. Running Socks
Everyone appreciates good running socks. Good quality anti-blister socks will always be a good investment. Many running socks, including those from Absolute360 are also designed to moderate temperature, giving added comfort.

3. Long Sleeve Running Tops
It always pays to have some long sleeve running tops. With winter still hanging on, it never hurts to have the option long sleeved running gear. Our current favourites are the Parkrun long sleeve tees, available from the Parkrun shop.

4. Anti-chafe Balm
If your partner suffers from chafing, they'll definitely thank you for doing something about it. Favourite anti-chafe balms included the ever-popular Body Glide. Others include Slipstream Anti-chafe Cream and Luub Sport Lubricant.

5. Foam Roller
Foam rollers are great for self-massage, helping to relieve tension and promote good circulation. If your significant other doesn't have one they will thank you forever when you get them one. They come in various sizes, the most popular being 45cm. Some runners also like a small, travel friendly option. Two options we recommend are the Fitness-Mad 45cm Foam Roller, and their smaller Mini Massage Roller.