Useful purchases for summer running

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

Sun in the sky

The summer weather can affect running quite significantly. The heat and humidity can really slow us down. And those of us training for big races (marathons, ultras , etc) in the autumn are going to have to adapt quite significantly to end up race ready. Here are a few purchases / investments that we think will make it a bit easier to run in the sun.


1. Clothing that 'wicks'
Buy running clothes that wick moisture away from the skin. A good quality top and socks, designed for wicking, will help keep you cool and reduce other ill-effects of sweating, such as chafing and sweaty feet.

2 .Water container
It's important to keep hydrated.

a. Carrying water in a bottle is the most obvious way to keep watered. A wide variety of these are available, from FlipBelt, High5, Fitletic and many of the big brands. Finding one that is convenient and comfortable is unlikely to be a big problem.

b. Another option is to carry a collapsible cup. This can be filled at public drinking fountains, removing the need to carry water during your run.

3. Running belt
Having a running belt is a big help. We all know how convenient they can be, for carrying, money, ID, phone, travel cards, water, sun block, etc. Any one of these can be a literal life-saver if the weather turns crazy-hot and you need to abort, or pause for rest or rehydration.

A couple of great belts for summer running are the FlipBelt range and the Fitletic Hydra 16.


4. Sunglasses
Intense sunlight isn't good for the eyes, so a good eye protection makes sense.

Sunglasses are, for many, are the easiest, most straightforward way to protect the eyes. Although many brands can be quite expensive, it's possible to find good quality sunglasses for little as £20.

If your budget is in the £20 - £40 range, we suggest checking out our selection of Goodr sunglasses.


5. Electrolytes
It's always important to replace electrolytes after a run. However, increased perspiration from running in the heat will make this much more significant. Replacing these electrolytes speeds up recovery and helps prevent muscle aches and pains.

There many good electrolyte supplements available. Thre of our favourites are High5's range of Electrolyte Sports Drink, as well as Saltstick Electrolyte Caps and GU Electrolyte Capsules.