Safety tips for runners

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

London street

Something we are concerned about at Runner 247 is runner safety. Whenever and wherever anyone runs, it should always be a safe and worry-free experience. For the most part, this is exactly how it is. Sadly, however, there are a few 'idiots' in the world who sometimes cause 'problems'. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions for increasing your safety when out running.

1. Run in a busy place
It can help to run where there are at decent number of other people. There is no need to go looking for crowds, but a healthy number of potential witnesses will reduce the chance that someone will cause you problems.

2. Run with other runners
Many runners don't like this suggestion. And we wholly understand. Often, we like to go on our own routes and run at our own pace. However, if you are concerned about safety there is always strength / security in numbers. Possible options are to join a local running group, or take part in the nearest Parkrun.

3. Let a friend know your routine
Tell a friend or relative where and when you run, and when you expect to finish. This could be a flat-mate, sibling or spouse.

4. Track your runs
If you can, use an app to track your route. If it seems you are tracking your run, any potential 'idiot' will know that if they interrupt your run, the time and place will be recorded.

5. Be aware of your environment
Another annoyance. But it could make a difference. If you have concerns about any part of your route, it may be advisable to not wear headphones, at least for that part of your route. And if it's dark, run where there is lighting, or wear a head torch (or similar).

6. Look tough
Okay, looking confident and aware will probably be good enough. :) Run with good posture, keep your head up, and make eye contact as you run. Showing that you are aware of your surroundings as you go will help deter any trouble.


We hope this is some help. If you have any thoughts about the points above, or want to offer further advice, please don't hesitate to add to the discussion, at Twitter (@WeAreRunner247), or on Facebook (@Runner247).