Christmas Gifts for Runners

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

Whether it is an inexpensive stocking filler, or something a bit more sunstantial, there are plenty of options for Christmas gifts for runners. Here are a few ideas :

1. Wizard Sleeves (

Something to keep the head warm in the winter months will be much appreciated. Wizard Sleeves are scarves / snoods that can been worn as a beanie, headband or facemask. Made from high quality breathable fabric and available in various cool designs.


2. FlipBelt (

These popular running belts look amazing, and are great for carrying large and small items including smartphones, travel cards and coins. Specially designed 6 ounce (170 ml) water bottles also available.


3. Body Glide (

Any long distance runner will appreciate some Body Glide. Great at helping to prevent chafing, this will be a welcome gift to any runner with a marathon or big race in the next few months.


4. Chia Seeds (

A superb source of nutrition for all athletes. Chia Seeds are rich in fibre, helping to maintain healthy digestion. They are also a good source of protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other trace elements.


5. High5 Run Bottle (

Ideal for long training runs. These professional quality drinks bottle has an easy hand grip and holds up to 330ml water. Carry one of these and you'll be able to put off interupting your run with an annoying thirst-relieving visit to the local shop.