5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners

Posted by Stuart Morrison on

Christmas Gifts for Runners

What will you be buying for the runner in your life this Christmas? Whether it's for a partner, a relative, a friend, or even yourself there is a wealth of great gift options to choose from? Here are 5 that we think are worth considering.


1. Sunglasses
This may seem an odd suggestion at this time of year. However, as those who run in the morning will be well aware, the sun sits low in the winter months, and can be quite dazzling. A good pair of sunglasses will prevent these dazzling sunrises from slowing you down.

Goodr Sunglasses

Great sunglasses for runners : Goodr, Nike, Julbo


2. Running belt
A good running belt is always appreciated. As well as being needed to carry keys, money, etc, many have been developed to also accommodate phones, earphone cables, and the rest. With many COVID-compliant races not offering bag drops, a good belt, with room for car keys, etc could be the ideal gift this Christmas.

FlipBelt - Nuclear Yellow

Popular running belts : Flipbelts, Fitletic Blitz Fitness Belt, Fitletic Mini Sport Belt


3. Lock laces
Tying laces can be annoying. A bit too tight, and you soon feel the pain. A bit too loose and your feet shift about too much while running. Lock laces are a speedy, inexpensive, way to solve these problems.

Lock laces are available in various colours.


4. Anti-chafe balm / cream
Chafing is a significant problem for many runners. Whether it's  skin-on-skin (thighs and underarms) or fabric-on-skin (bra and running tops) it can be quite painful. So, a good anti-chafing cream or balm to prevent this rubbing will typically be much appreciated.

Good gift options : Body Glide, Luub, Runners Rub.


5. Yoga / Fitness Mat
Yoga and indoor fitness help runners significantly. With many of spending more time indoors over the past year, we have been developing core fitness through yoga and other indoor exercises. Without needing to break the bank, a good yoga mat or similar fitness mat is a will be a great Christmas present for anyone you know to be thinking of getting into doing some indoor fitness.

Fitness mats come in different thicknesses (typically at least 4mm) and various colours.